TWS V5.0+EDR Earbuds

SKU: 492428

The Bluetooth earphones delivers up to 5 hours of uninterrupted music playback with just a full charge. Portable charging station with a battery power of 350mAh makes the Bluetooth headset recharge 3 times.


Highly sensitive V8 accept V5.0 provides stable and uninterrupted connection of the devices up to 10 M. Enjoy reliable and trouble-free audio signal transmission. Lossless HD rendering technology delivers first-rate excellent sound quality with stunning crystal sharpness and all-round isolation.

Version:V5.0 +EDR
Bluetooth range:10-15 meters
Talking time:4- 5 hours
Battery Charge Time: About 1 hour
Battery:40mAh x 2earbuds
Box Battery:320mAh

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