About Us


Fly Sonic Electronics Co.,ltd founded in 2011, is a collection development, design, production and sales of electronics factory. After eight years of development, the company has a mature product lines and headset company’s patented products. The company has been committed to the development of innovative technology and design, our goal is to create better headset products, and strive to build the Flysonic brand in the domestic headset industry .

Our Mission:

To provide high-quality products to our customers and meet their expectations.
We specialize in providing high-quality headphones, earbuds and other audio products, and so on.
We offer a comprehensive and wide range of products, customized according to customer requirements and execution orders to meet specific customer requirements. Our team can meet our customers’ standards and expectations. We have been working with customers to establish long-term cooperative relationship. Meanwhile, Our raw suppliers are business partners who provide our system with materials. We seek to add value beyond our products.
Various programs are available to our customers a variety of competitive price. We help all business at the lowest cost and most effective way to execute all orders. All investigation already completed for our customers, and draw the best solution, so that all operations can be carried out smoothly.